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80 - Poem

Would you?

If I were to drift away,
Wouljd you bat an eye?
If I were to fade today?
Would you want to cry?
If my life were taken,
Would part of anyone die?
If I push the knife real hard,
Will it come out the other side?

I'm drifting now,
Can you feel my going?
I'm fading fast,
My mind is flowing,
My life is being drained,
From my soul's wounding,
Don't need the knife,
My life is slowing.

Shapes slow,
This life,
Spins flat,
Terror's grown,
Sit's back,
Blooded hole,
Born of knife,
Spreads fat.

Pain ends,
Passion's fade,
World betrays,
Fulfils blight,
Vision bends,
Sound relayed,
Last step delays,
All is light.

I drifted today,
Did your eyes even twitch?
I faded away,
Like a shadow which,
Life deigned false,
And death's list ticked,
The knife dissolved,
I'm free of it.