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Well, it's official.. the box is dead.

For quite some time to come.

Putting power across the motherboard fucks something up in the PSU. So I can't even start trying to figure out any other problems. When the power's not coming up, I can't even get a PSU fan to spin :-(

So it's gonna have to be stored, cos it looks like the motherboard is dead.. and since it's a super socket 7, that means a whole new set of parts to buy...

I found out how to make the PSU work... I think anyway... I need to test it on my ATX case, but it seems the soft-on switch is just a push switch... a simple contact type thing... pushing it completes the powerswitch circuit against the motherboard, which signlas the PSU to get on with it. I need to figure a couple of little things out (like the sort of load the switch needs to take) but it should be ok and I can just add the push switch to the front bezel of the box :-)

This does mean *one* good thing... and one good thing alone... Me Linux box will get *new* parts for once, normally it works on second generation bits, with the odd new replacement thrown in (like the current K6/3-500 CPU).

<sigh> I can't thin of many things to get me down anymore today. Only a couple. I hope those don't happen :-(