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Today is getting worse.

The damn machine appears to be officially deceased.

OK, there appear to be a few problems.

1) The system won't do anything... but I was getting power across the motherboard at least as far as the Adaptec SCSI card cos that's gof a powered-up LED on it that glows red with a power state.

2) Removing stuff and sticking things in hasn't helped... I now have a severe PSE problem.

The PSU has been a bit odd for a while, which is why I have two PSUs in this case... to drop the load from the one running the motherboard and processor. I'm going the minimal load thing... a motherboard and one hdd and a CPU fan.

But even then, if you turned the PSU off, it would take an inordinately long time to get it to turn back on (i'm guessing thermal cutout/surge protector/something like that).

Well, now the damn thing won't spin up after an hour of off...

So i dredged up an old PSU... a slightly more powerful one, with no fan (the fan got canibalised). So, I hook the CPU fan up, I get a spin-up with power... hook the motherboard up, nothing. No CPU fan spin, not a sausage.

So things are just going downhill and I can't afford to fix this

<very unhappy>

So in addition, I have some other personal stuff to stress over and things are just getting worse and worse and I really hate this.

as I said



I'm gonna go before something else breaks :-(