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Its been a few days....

How've y'all been?

I've been having a wonderful time... doing dull stuff, like burning, oh, 12Gb of stuff to CD.

Its done now... which is good.

So, I installed W2K SP3... and yep, you guessed it... the fardling thing fixed all my windows problems... so i'm back in 800x600x32bit colour... the problem (of course) is that to get the machine to burn stuff and clear all the data, I've had to screw it up pretty thoroughly... bodged installs, forced bits of software.. that kind of thing... so if it weren't broke before (cept for needing sp3), it is now...

It needs it though. This was never really all that happy a box, and setting up right, with multi-boot and things is long over-due.

As for personal stuff, well, its been a bad few days. I'm better at this this year than last, which is, I suppose, all I can hope for. I don't think I'll ever really get over loosing my sister, but it gets lets, *raw* every year. I still miss her like crazy, but I'm getting there.

The computer stuff gave me mind-fodder... kept it functioning, and Sarah helped out on the emotional side.

OK, thats all for tonight. I'm typed out.