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well. what to say?

i guess i'm in a mopey mood; been watching the Matrix and anime and then some late nigh tv junk.. its nearly 230am now...

i think i'm starting to despair over this LJ... i mean, i don't actually *expect* anyone to read it, but, and this is where i turn into a total-u-turner... i fate that no-one seems to... no-one bothers to comment anyway... do you know how soul-destroying that is?

i mean, tis is kinda theraputic... almost no-one out in LJ-land knows me, a few do, maybe a few more than i think as i'm guessing some of lnr's friends might dimly remnember me from years back, but not many ppl at all.

hell, there's very few ppl know me irl, so why should LJ be any different?

i guess i'll keep writing... maybe... <shrug> i don't know.


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11th Oct, 2002 02:39 (UTC)
Easiest way to get other people noticing is to go out there and start reading their journals and commenting. If there are any you read regularly add them to your friends list: you don't have to be real life friends with them first, it's not a popularity contest.

I'd be more likely to comment if less of it seemed like a private conversation aimed at one person though.
12th Oct, 2002 17:44 (UTC)
I go through phases of reading and not reading... depends on how much time i have... and i seem to be good at picking ppl to read who's LJ stops getting written to when i'm in an away period... so i have to start hunting ppl down who are interesting again.... i never can think of comments to leave ppl... i'll think of stuff, like, three hours later, when i'm not on a computer or something.

it does drift into being conversational quite often, i admit that... it's kind of a consequence of having no money and no job.. i can't afford to go out and see people... and i'm not exactly a popular person... my IRL friends in bristol number about, um, 4. and back in leeds there's 1, and Claire, but i've been a total fuck about *&that* friendship.. i keep meaning to write or phone, and never get round to it.

Oh, and listing the stuff i've been doing for job finding is, um, *depressing*......

and i try to avoid posting when i'm in a depressed mood... writing it down quite often just seems to make it worse.

<shrug> i'm fairly sure that there are only about two, maybe three, people on the planet read this... i was just having "one-of-those-days"... and feeling stupidly lonely and stuff.

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