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OK, you know things are bad when...

1) You're sitting in a room with nine computers and not one of them will go on your high speed internet

2) You're using a 33.6 modem manufactured in 1996 as your *sole* means of internet access

3) That modem is installed in a 486/DX4-120 running NT4 Server

4) You had to install dial-up networking on that machine just to get *this* much net access

Yes folks! it's been One Of Those Days... you know the ones... where nothing wants to work...

Except Windows NT... which is a pleasant surprise for once. Installing RAS went smooth as silk, as did installing a more up-to-date modem driver (can't say much for US Robotics though... I had to use the US site and search it to locate an INF file for the modem... the UK site didn't mention it and didn't even have a search facility... i *used* to like USR, but now... damnit, they *SUK*!)

So yeah.. busy, busy, busy... and seriously sickened off.

Today I have
- pulled the last few bits'n'bobs out of the computer room
- tried to do some stuff that was outstanding using the Mac (the one I was on last night..) well *that* stopped getting DHCP so far as I can tell... standadr LAN stuff works, but try use DHCP and it just hangs
- tried to sort out high speed on the screwed W2K box
- tried to use the USB connection for high speed on the screwed W2K box
- replaced the ISA NE2000 (D-Link DE220) clone netcard in that box with a new SMC 1255TX that *was* going in the linux box
- tried to remove all TCP/IP from the screwed W2K box cos i suspect that DHCP client is dead
- given up in disgust cos it won't let me remove TCP/IP cos Print Services for UNIX needs it... and I an't remove that cos it erros out
- tried adding a phonebook entry for my old pay as you go dial-up account, can't cos i get a memory read error when i go through the wizrd (yuck... wizard... why can't i have a nice properties page, or a text file... yeah, *that's* what windows should give you... notepad... or DOS Edit, or vi now *that'd* reverse the dumb-down that M$ have been introducing...! ;-)
- tried to get DHCP on the NT server.. can't... my guess is it's either cos it used to have DHCP server running (service is disabled, but this *is* windows.... *OR* it's due to the box being a PDC <shrug> whichever... doesn't matter, the effect is the same.. no DHCP for my IP address
- finally decided i'd better Go Modem..........

Damn it's *SLOW* :-(

And it's costing me money I don't have too.....