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Well, not a bad weekend I suppose. Didn't do too much.

Managed to sort out the main bed(less)room though... now i just need £200 for a bed... i know the one i want in Argos (hopefully this'll work, don't know if there's a session cookie or anything.... this bed).

I managed to get rid of all the old post out of the hallway too...

So now there's a few things left to do.. the kitchen needs cleaning thoroughly, the bathroom needs cleaning (normal chore cleaning though, it's not horrid or anything), the living room just needs hoovering and dusting, and then there's the biggies... the computer room needs all the machines taking out and everything wiring properly. And I need to get the little plants out of trays and into the garden before frost starts to become a problem... and i need to figure if i'm gonna plant all the bulbs i have.

I also added a couple of new piccies to my website, the recent pictures of me bit now has a page.

The Kathryn gallery is getting there... I think i've only got about 4 years to add comments to.

So now I'm talking to Sarah :-)

How is it that someone's words can make you feel utterly amazing?

Sarah, I love you.