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OK, this is *NOT* an entry... I'm just figuring out all the stuff that needs doing to get all the standard boxes back up on my network... then I'll start figuring out things like the two Sparcs, the JavaStation and the two SGIs...

OK, for the sake of making things easy, I'm using various letters to denote machines.

The codes are:

CodeOperating SystemHardwareNotes
ALinux 2.4x86/k6Most network services are on this box.
General unix workstation
BNT4 Serverx86/4
CMac-OS 7m68k/PB540CMachine only works on mains
DS/Linuxsparc/SS2Single unit
ESolaris 7sparc/SS2double unit
second case is used as an hdd enclosure
FIRIX 5.4/6.2
(depends which runs best)
mips of some sort i think/
SGI Indigo
GIRIX 5.4/6.2
or possibly Linux
mips-4000 i *think*/
SGI Indigo 2 (green)
MWindows 2000 Prox86/k6Main 'office' machine
PPLinux 2.4x86/P133Firewall

Note for purists: I know that S/Linux is now UltraLinux, but I don't have UltraSparcs, so I'm sticking with S/Linux cos that's less confusing.

Current conditions

AWorksNeeds reinstalling - the OS was just chucked on to achieve something and it's never been *right*... 
BShould WorkWindows NT4.0 SP6 PDC - operational I think, but probably dusty
CWorks Mac-OS 7.6.1 - keyboard and casing are a bit fucked, but it's so *cute* ;-)
DNo OSI need to install this, never have gotten round to it
ENo OSAgain, needs installing and never got done
FNo OSThis needs a little thinking about as it *should* run 6.2, but 5.4 will work better... I've seen both IRIXes for £25 a piece. Possibly use a remote mounting /usr from either the other SGI or more likely the main x86-Linux box. This one does have two hdds, but i think they're a gig a piece
GNo OSGotta think this through too... if the Indigo is running IRIX, then it makes sense not to run it on this one too... unless I go with 5.4 on the Indigo, then I can have 6.2 or maybe even 6.3 on the Indigo 2. The other possiblity is to get hold of the mips linux and try get that working... or maybe the Indy port as i seem to remember runours of that having some success on Indigo 2s
MScrewedA couple of patches nuked windows standard startup... safe network mode works and will burn CDs :-)
PPNo OSThis is the newest acquisition and as yet has no OS. It *will* be a firewall/NAT box between my LAN and the cable modem. It'll need to do DHCP on the external interface.

To Do list

It looks so little to do when it's written down like this... but just the burning is going to take a day or two... I have a *LOT* of data to store...

  • Burn all data on M to CD

  • Reinstall M and all software - this means installing three OS, a w98 for DVD playing as w2k skips on the audio, a w98 (possibly w2k) for gaming, and the main w2k installation for the 'office' stuff... OFfice, VisStu, perl, J2SDK, etc. and stacks of browsers and things.

  • Reinstall A. Get all the services up (samba, dns, sendmail, apache, tftp, bootp and all the other stuff i can't remember)

  • Set up things like the MP3 area on apache which'll be linked to the ShoutCast server - this is probably gonna be PHP based.

  • Upgrade the FirstClass Server on B from 5.5sr4 to 7 with the IS7.027 update

  • Install solaris on E

By now, we have the main machines back and one extra one. Things from then on in are a little less thought through... these are the current planned projects though:

  • Look into getting NIS server running under Sol7 (machine E)

  • Set up Sun Web Server 2 on E, and get the FP extensions running on SWS

  • Either install RHL6.2(sparc) on D and then update everything to the latest versions.. *OR* find a current sparc distribution. I figure it'll be a bit easier to do it this way than to go back to scratch and compile a full OS into being......

  • Get a remotely booting S/Linux kernel usable for the JavaStation, then set up the JavaStation as a terminal, probably a TCP/IP X-Term. All requried files will be in A. Probably an NFS /usr in use for this I figure

  • Sort out the Silicons... I need a 13W3 monitor cable WIRED FOR SILICON GRAPHICS before I can do *anything*

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