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Well, I'm back from London.... the launchy thing went pretty good :-)

I'm back, and all is quiet on the Sarah front.. atleast she's not mailled me or left an LJ comment or anything to let me know she's ok... she's posted in her LJ and she sounds ok, but...... <shrug> <thinks bad thoughts....>

<squashes bad impulses for now...>

oh well. I'm tired.. have had to walk a lot of London today due to the Tube strike.... so that was fun... *not*....! Didn't do too bad though I guess... but my arms still hurts from sunday on the steam engine.... so I was driving on about 4 Ibuprofens... I guess it's getting better day by day... it only hurts alot now when i left stuff awkwardly... oh and after a few hours of doing stuff too... and when i'm driving (which I did both there and back, there yesterday, back this evening...)

<kicks self> need to stop being such a mopey fuck

OK, I'm gonna go eat... haven't eaten since breakfast at 8:30 this morning... so nearly 14 hours ago....