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Ok, so I've been writing again.... another pathetic poem to add to the pile.


Oh well.... here it is



Like a thief in the night,
I steal a look into your heart,
I glimpse promises of ages,
And despair of the deserted,
Empty yet full,
A conflux of desires,
Torrid passion and,
Unfettered pain,
Destinies unbalanced,
Undecided, unknown.

Like a star in the sky,
I look down on this world,
I watch the foolish,
And hide from the wise,
Empty yet full,
A complex of contradiction,
Unparallelled and,
Miscreated soul,
Unbegotten heart,
Undeserved, uncontrolled.

Like a reed in the wind,
I bend to the world,
I break when touched,
I fold in my resolve,
Empty yet full,
Failed yet right,
Uncertainty dispatched,
Untouchably held,
Healed through torture,
Sane through insanity.