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Well, today has been *long*. I was awake at 6, outof the house by 7:30 and working on a screwy computer by 8:15... fixed that in about 30 mins... don't *quite* know what i did though :-(

Then i did some other stuff.. came home and had lunch... wrote a job application form out.. did some other dull putery stuff, then found that something else wasn't working. now *this* goes back to some work i did a while ago where i had to uninstall to upgrade something... and the config went away... seems that part of the config had been customised, or the new installer worked different to the old one, and it didn't detect that port 8000 of the IIS server was active... so everyone trying to acess that, um, failed... :-( again, a quick fix... 10 mins this time... did some other stuff too... installed IE6 SP1 on the machine and update the virus and firewall files... all dull dull dull....

and by then it was 8:00pm... how time flies when you can't remember what you've done to fill the gaps....

evening's just been doing not-a-lot... soaked in the tub for 2 hours... that was nice :-)

so now i'm sleepy and so i'm gonna curl up and go Zzzzzzzzzzz!

<sigh> all in all, not a bad day really... for once...

[EDIT: Added this]
Damn, remember the one event that i'd almost obliterated...

I *think* I got speed gunned... :-(

now you probably think "silly fuck, shouldn't drive so fast".. well, true, but this wasn't my fault... there's this bit of road, it dips under a bridge... and its dual carriageway, with a slip road joining as you come out of the dip... it's a sod to see if anything is coming to join from that slip, and people park their cars at the end of it too, making it a short slip... so people are *aggressive* getting out onto the main road. I was overtaking... a car and then a car with one of those big plastic driving school L boxes on its roof... and there's abus coming down that sliproad.. we're all parallel... so i figure, best thing to do, get in front, then the learner can pull out if it needs to... cos buses *like* trying to squash cars... so i did... i got upto about 55 in this 40mph zone... i get past the learner, pull back into the 'slow' lane and lift off the gas, just kinda letting it roll it's momentum off... and i see this guy sitting behind a car with the back hatch open.. and the guys got what looks like a big, slightly weird looking TV camera... now he *could've* been videoing the road..... but my luck doesn't run like that... so I'm now expecting to get a summons or something at some point... but that could take 6 months knowing the police... and then i could be waving bye-bye to my drivers license for a while.... although i *think* i *might* get away with only 6 or possibly 9 points... which *hopefully* will keep it under twelve.. i can't remember if all the last lot have expired yet though :-(

OK, *now* i'm off to bed... not so happy now though\

[EDIT: Mood changed]