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Well, I'm finally back in Bristol.... the 'adventures' with the car are over, and it's driving well.... feels a lot better on the road.

The front drivers said brake calliper has been replaced, and the front brakes all realigned, and all the brakes and drums and stuff tightened, including the handbrake cable... and it *feels* tighter when i'm driving it too.... and smoother.... so i'm a happy bunny :-)

Am gonna apply for two jobs tomorrow... one is a dull-as-fuck tech support thing in bristol that'll pay £15-17k, the other is up in leeds and is a programmer job... so i'd better get my skates on and brush up on Java, and maybe start C++... that one pays, £20-25k... which'd be nice cos it's cheaper to live up there too.... maybe my Sarah-Fund can start to look a little like it's actually working.

Found at some depressing info earlier.... which slightly screw my move-to-merica intentions.... you have to have a job to go to... the meriski's govenment don't let you in otherwise... i suppose it should've been a fairly obvious thing to guess, but still.... another barrier to overcome :-(

Oh well.... i managed to drive the leeds-bristol thing in just over 2 1/2 hours... and i could've done it quicker if i'd done the same speed for the first half as i did the second.... i *think* i couldn've done it in just under 2 1/4 hours.... 95mph *rox* :-)

oh well... i'm sleepy now, so i'm gonna go nighty-night