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Well, I'm in Leeds at my parents.

Things aren't going great on the vehicular side of life; a squeek on my brakes has gotten a *lot* worse, oh, and I nearly had a serious crash on the way up on Friday.

So now my car is in the garage getting repaired, except the mechanic doesn't know eactly when he'll get it done, so I'm stranded up here indefinitely... although it should be done by wednesday night.

This is, um, annoying.... I'm stuck on a dial-up INet connection, and that *SUX*... it's so *painful*. I added a new section to my website today, and it's like, 45 pages of html and about the same number of graphics, and the graphics aren't *big*, only 80k average... it took *ages*...

I'm gonna go, just in case the line drops or something.. this ISP likes doing that :-(