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Haven't been online much as of late... had stuff to do the last few days... nothing *interesting*.. just stuff that needs doing <yawn> course, when i *have* been on, no-one I wanna talk to has been... so i'm feeling really cheerful about *that*.....

Anyways.. I'm going to my parents this weekend.. will have Net access, so that's nice... might get to see Stephi, and that'll be cool :-)

Not sure what else to put in here... I think I know of one person who might read this vaguely regularly, and two who have atleast stopped by once... that would mean my total audience to date is the astoundingly huge... <drum roll>...... 3....!

<sarc>!wow!... so *many*..!

It's been a long day and i'm tired, so....... see y'"all" monday or tuesday when i get back.. althuogh i suppose i *might* post at some point before that if i feel like it..

<waves> bye-bye