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46 - or- "Inner Storm"

Inner Storm

The silent swords,
Once sharp and true,
My echoed words,
Truth eschews,
And torrid sands,
Of past confliction,
Harry Fate's hand,
For firm conviction,
While summonned flowers,
Of Passion's mis-spent,
Waste the hours,
Of my passive descent,
My shelter in vain,
For naught can dissuade,
My angered pain,
And silent tirade,
For inner calm,
Is storm-tossed, crashed,
My soul's alarm,
Tolls silent, smashed,
And distant winds whisper,
My lovers carress,
Her voice insistent,
Her tone, detest,
A stormy soul,
No harbour can seek,
Not till it's old,
Or calm, or meek,
For storms inside,
Most damage do cause,
For violence resides,
Till passion and soul divorce.




( 1 Morsel — Spin A Cobweb )
1st Sep, 2002 17:22 (UTC)
Stupid Livejournal.

I Entered An Entry. Its Below A Few Of Yours, Due To The Backdate Entry Shit.

Please Read It And Know I Love You.

-tight hugs and deep kisses-

( 1 Morsel — Spin A Cobweb )