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Well, not a lot to say really...


I'm away for a week and a hlf as of tuesday... so I vanish in 36 hours or so...

I've been coding for the last feew hours... two, three, four? i forget how long.. it's going quite well.. slowly, but quite well.

Was online last night only briefly... have had *really* bad sleep the few nights before... Sarah wasn't on, which sux, and she's not on again tonight... her journal mentions loosing her computer for a few days... taken away... great timing on whoever decided *that*'s part.... i mean, i *know* school is important, but.. well, we never did anything of interest in the first few days when i was at school... it was more like "this is the junk you'll be doing this year" than "this is essential for your success this year". <Grrrrrrrrrrr!> to whoever's smart-arsed idea *that* was... and :-p too....


OK, change subject.. this is depressing. I miss her. I wanted to chat for a bit. :-(

So, code... well, version 0.2 is well underway (at last...) I just have to write the database submission code... three proper routines, and two mini ones... oh, and there's a bug or two to fix too... same bug really, i just re-used the code in two places... needs fixing. doesn't do what its supposed to in certain cases... probably take an hour or two to fix knowing my luck... :-(

I have to get this damn thing *finished*... well, v1.0 anyway. I do *NOT* want it hanging over me when I'm away.

The plan for tomorrow, therefore, is:
1) Get up at about 7:30
2) Work on code until about about 12:30, drinking a fair amount of coffee whilst working
3) Put on a wash in amongst the code, and hang it out if the weather is good
4) Lunch of some sort
5) Promsied I'd help a friend with some shelves in their new place, so do that in the afternnon
6) More code
7) Cook and eat
8) Even more code
9) Hopefully I should get 0.3 or 0.4 (release candidate) done by bedtime.

And I still have to pack at some point... oh, and if I have a release candidate, or a tested release version (ie: v1.0) finished, I need to go and install it on the server too.... plus I should run a backup while I'm over there....

I think I'm gonna have to bite the proverbial "this code is crap" bullet for the server backup... W2K doesn't really allow you to script it's backup progrma, unlike good old NT... so I'm gonna have to rely on luck and hope that the server software goes down when told to by the server util.... it *should*, so long as I do a decent sequencing... ie: Polite shutdown attempt, wait 2 mins, Polite shutdown attempt, wait 2 mins, Polite shutdown attempt, wait 2 mins, Forced shutdown attempt. It'll have to be scheduled to do that with a good five or ten minutes before the backup scheduled task is set to run. And if it doesn't shutdown, there's no way to stop backup anyway, so....

I also have to get the hang of this new "Tape Pool" type thing in W2K Backup... in NT, you just stuck a tap in and used it, in W2K, you have to add the tape to the pool, and stuff... it's yucky.

Anyway, I'm rambling... I tend to do that in here... I think out "loud" into my Journal... type my way through what I need to do.... and in the same vein, here's my revised Plan...

This uses this break I'm having as a starting point.

The code should be up to release state for v1.0 by the time I go... or atleast up to 0.3... which will be missing the Update Etnry feature, but that will be all... I therefore only have to write the data management stuff when I get back.. the bit to edit the contents of tables that might need it... so the users can update typos or somesuch... This should be a (relatively) small coding task, you just have to have two or three forms;

  [select class] -> [select instance] -> [edit instance] -> [process]

That's it... simple... honest

Except that a couple of classes need to be able to handle an additional field, a qualifier field... and the qualifier value needs to be changable... or the idea of editting the data doesn't hold true.. it's no good having an instance you can edit the name of, but not the qualifier.. the qualifier is *important*.

So I guess the real way to do it is:

                                       /> [edit instance] ----------\
  [select class] -> [select instance] {                              }> [process]
                                       \> [edit qualified instance] / 

Which is a *lot* less prettier, and adds a pile more complexity....


I guess it'll not take *too* long... a few days once I write the forms....

Then It's on to learning C++.. I have a nice Learn C++ In 24Hours book, so that should help... should be able to do that in a week.... easily.. then its onto looking for a wider range of jobs, and learning other stuff as I go, Perl, then VB, then PHP... and I have the Unified Links website to work on too.. but I'm hoping to do a bit on that while I'm away....

hmmm... rambling again.... i should stop... Sarah's not managed to sneak online while I've been typing, and I've been at it for over half an hour, so I guess she's either not coming on tonight, or she's not on till later... :-(


Guess I'm gonna go to bed, try sleep a good night tonight, so I can get on and work tomorrow.. it's gonna be a long one...


And Sarah, I love you, and I miss you, and this next couple of weeks is gonna be horrid.. not talking to you sux

<blows a kiss>

I love you Angel.