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Update on MultiSim issue

This is a follow on to this post.

OK, so, having faffed about why the runaway ApplicationWebServer.exe process and decided what I was going to do about it, I accidentally left the service set to start automatically... and then three things happened.... the two main ones being (!) that it was Patch Tuesday, (and 2) the performance of VMWare tanked (the third was a "silly me forgot to do something" that required another reboot)....

(VMWare performance is one of those specific areas I mentioned that is degrading on this machine, and after a while my Win8.1 pre-reinstall testbuild VM becomes slower than a slow thing with its slow hat on... and it only gets better after a reboot)

.... now, I can't remember what order these three reboot-requiring things happened; I may have rebooted to fix the VM performance first, or it might have been Patch Tuesday's Windows Update reboot.... and I really haven't a clue where that "oops" reboot happened.... but I presume my first reboot was to fix VMWare, because I wouldn't have thought the machine would have been up long enough by the time I did the second reboot for VMWare performance to have tanked... it does usually take, well, longer than the machine would have been up between the first and second reboots anyway....

... So anyway, I had to reboot... and after a while I found myself poking around Task Manager again (completely unrelatedly) and I noticed (a) ApplicationWebServere.exe was running (and b) it was using no CPU and it was consuming about 1.5 meg of ram, not the 15 meg it had when it was a runaway... So I left it set to automatic, and got on with whatever it was that had prompted me to look in Task Manager in the first place.

Some time later, I had to reboot again . After the machine was back at the desktop and everything had finished loading, I realised the fan was running again.... back into Task Manager, and guess what? Yep! Its my old friend ApplicationWebServer.exe using up a whole CPU core's worth of cycles and its back to 15-ish meg memory usage.... "strangerer and strangerer" I thought.... but I knew I had another reboot left to do, so I just left it alone, CPU usage and all, did what I had to (which wasn't a 5 minute job, mind) and, having had a quick peek to see what it ApplicationWebServer.exe was up to (still runaway, as you probably guessed), rebooted for the third time...

And again, back on the desktop, everything was up and running, except for the fan.... just a nice silent machine, like its supposed to be...! Task Manager confirming that again, CPU use for ApplicationWebServer.exe at zero, memory around 1.3 meg...

So I honestly don't know what is up with it... I can't decide whether it was a Windows Update that caused it, then a Patch Tuesday Windows Update that fixed it, or if sometimes ApplicationWebServer.exe needs to run with mad amounts of CPU use (although if that were the case, I would have expected it to have stopped doing so, given that it had a couple of hours running like that before I rebooted for the last time) ORrrr if its just a weird glitchy bug in ApplicationWebServer.exe that means it will always tend to have these weird runaway instances after a reboot..... but then, why would it also have the runaway behaviour every time I restarted the service?

Its all very strange, and I'm at a loss to explain it.

I'm leaving the original post in place (with a link to this update) so that if someone does happen to stumble across either of them looking for information on this weird little problem, they get all the info I've posted


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