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NUCcy Numptiness!!

So it turns out that you have to be quite careful setting the "OS" value in the Atomic NUC's BIOS.... I've been trying for a couple of days to get Windows Server 2012 R2 to install cleanly with Device Manager not showing any issues with any devices, but despite installing the whole Intel driver pack, I'm still seeing lots of Unknown Devices, whose PCI IDs indicate I've just installed the drivers for...!

Eventually, after much fruitless hunting around on Google for Atomic NUC-related device problems in Windows 8+ (when I was really starting to believe I was going to have to try and return as DOA a device I'd bought more than 6 months ago), it occurred to me to have a looksee if some setting in the BIOS could be disabling the "bad" devices... and when I was looking through the BIOS pages, I noticed that the "OS" value was set to "Linux" (presumably I set this when I test booted Mint from a USB stick, many months ago)... changing it to "Windows 8" and (for cleanliness' sake) reinstalling the OS and drivers and "!poof! hey presto!" one working NUC with no device issues!

I don't even want to try and guess what using the "Windows 7" setting will do... I mean, I could understand a "Windows XP" settings, that would skip the EFI stuff and make like a traditional BIOS.... -!lightbulb!- ohhhh.... I bet its to do with SecureBoot or something else UEFI-y thats pretty new and wasn't supported in Windows 7....

I thiiiink I'm going have to try to remember to avoid booting Linux with the "OS" set to "Windows 8" though...!

I've never known a BIOS "OS" value have such a massive impact on the system.... it always used to just tweak some hard disk parameters and little stuff like that.... its really weird having a BIOS settings that can screw device detection and installation so completely and utterly..... I mean, I know I've not had much exposure to the weird and wonderful world of modern hardware with its UEFI, SecureBoot, TPM, etc, etc, but still, reeeeeeeally...?!?!?!