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Just went to download the latest version of Azureus for my Linux system and it seems SourceForge have decided to introduce a sneaky "feature" thats "on" by default.... they've made it so that when you try to download a file, what you actually get is an "ad support installer"... thing is, they don't bother to make any mention that this is going to happen.... so if you;re paying attention to the size of your download and/or where the download is coming from, you see a 75k-ish file (in my case) coming from some advertising company's site, not the 23MB file coming from kent.ac.uk that I was expecting..... this is a Very Bad Thing for them to be doing (verging on Evil), ESPECIALLY without telling you what the f*** is going on... TBH, I though SF had been hacked and was serving up malware without bothering to even hide the fact!

I'm now a very grumpy JoJo! (esp as I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what the hell was going on!)

From an 'aside' perspective... perhaps the *stupidest* thing with this is that I'm using Windows to download a file for my Linux system.... so if I weren't paying attention, I'd now have a "vuze.tar.exe" (that was *supposed* to be a "vuze.tar.bz2") that would simply *fail* when I tried to use it.... talk about alienating your users.... "here, have a totally *useless* download that won't even do what we (SF) want it to because we're assuming your downloading it on the machine you want to run it on".... sheeesh...!

BTW: this behaviour (the stupid ad-support .exe installer thing) can be disabled by clicking the "Direct Download: Off" text just above the files list at the right hand side, next to the RSS icon.