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(oops, this went all ranty!)

well,I seem to be putting together a fine collection of ex-electronics....

the 'rentals have been away since friday, so I've finally been able to turf all the stuff out of my room to be able to do some repairs after a clumsy heating engineer managed to bash a bracket off the wall (well, I say *off*.... it took a large chunk of plaster with it :-/

anyways, the turf out has also had an element of chucking out to it.... so its byebye to a few things that I've had knocking around 'just in case', like old-and-nearly-kapput mobys and old laptop batteries that work just about well enough to extract some information in an emergency... oh and the very dead harddisk from the other week (although I do need to tear it apart and attack that with a magnet at some point... not that i'm paranoid or nothink.....)

and now, me being in the process of putting my room to rights again, my vcr has decided to become an ex-vcr and won't do anything at all.... :-/

so i've just had an hour or so of fun taking it to bits and working out why its always had a tendency to chew tapes.... seems there's an issue with it not respooling the tape as the drums that pull the tape up to the head are returned to their at-rest positions... the tape then sags and either gets caught on the drums or various other protuberances in the cassette bay as the tape dooes its up-and-out manouver, so the tape is then trapped by the closing cassette-shutter and crushed against the bottom plate in the cassette cradle as it goes through the final bit of the eject sequence.... the result being a creased, crumpled, mangled tape thats still partially wrapped/hooked around various gubbins inside...... so thats nice to know..... bloody thing has never been 100%, what with the occassional tape-chewing incident and a tendency to fast-wind with far too much tension, resulting in tapes that had to be manually loosened just to get them to play (which is a *sod* with a vhs.... not like you can do the old pen-spooling trick like you can with audio tapes :-( ).... and I *knew* there was an actual proper honest-to-goodness fault with piece of c***, but noooooo, the damned fob-you-off f***wit shop staff "couldn't reproduce the issue" -!grrrrrr!- prolly didn't even try, a***holes....!!!

am i bitter....? well, i'm still p***ed off about it nearly 15 years (of rarely using the stupid thing cos there's a good chance it'll b0rk a tape) later, so what do you think....?!?! ;-)