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Painfulness (and mini-catchup)

Oh, my facebook/LJ link got turned off again... guess that means I've not updated for a while!


So, I've been hurting since last tuesday... something not right with my right lung/ribcage... if I breathe normally, the last bit of the inhale hurts like hell... same if I stretch a little too far... doctor reckons I've either strained some of the little muscles round the lung or that I've managed to disturb the tissue that connects to the ribs... either way, it should sort itself out in time, and until then it'll be owwie!! I do now have some slightly better painkillers than I had... not that they make a *huge* difference, but any less is a definite improvement!!!


Right, quick catchup... dissertation has been going slowly... after many, many hours of graft, an extenuating circumstances submission and yet more graft, I now know I have until next april/may to get it done... what I *don't* yet know is whether I am able to continue on the same project or if I have to start over.


Apart from that, pretty much the  only other thing I've done was Glasto, which was fab ^^