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Head/health/fitness catchup

So, I suppose this is the obvious starting point...

Headwise, all I can really say is that I'm better than I was at Easter, which is better than I was at Christmas, which is better than I was the same time the year before... I'm not right still, but things are generally better; I can concentrate for decent spells, although I'm still not anything like as productive as I should be (ie, as productive as I think I was back in the first year of my Masters)... I'm also still somewhat more scatterbrained than my normal level of scatty... but thats probably not so much tied to the depression as to...

Bad sleep patterns, which I've managed to drift in to and out of for years... but I'm definitely in a bad pattern at the moment... my bedtime has managed to drift far too far into the small hours, (and given that I then tend to be getting a "proper" night's sleep), that comes with a consequent drift in my get-up time, by about as much... This is something that I'm currently trying to resolve, as I'm absolutely certain I don't want to be trying to do my dissertation on my current "daytime".

General, I think I'm healthy enough, considering that I'm really unfit and a bit overweight... but I do think I need to do something about both of those things... not even for my health particularly, but cos I don't like feeling as sluggish as I do... I also think it will help with the sleep problems too... the problem is that the only forms of exercise that I've ever had any bothered-ness for are walking (or rather, hiking) and cycling... while I could probably walk around here, its boring, and I'm really crap at sticking to something that's boring... and going to 'nice' places to walk requires petrol and/or buses/trains, which requires money, which I don't have... which leaves cycling... which has its own set of "put off factors"... mostly the weather (its been really rainy this year... and occasionally really hot...) and my level of unfitness, which I know (from the few times I've been out in the past year or so) is low enough that I end up having to sit for ten minutes to recover because I'm f***ed and would probably collapse if I didn't!!! (just one of the fun things about living on the top of a hill; you can't avoid going up to go home!)... the basic issue here being that I really don't want parentals seeing me in that state... which means I need ok weather (ie, not raining, blowing a gale or freezing, but also not too hot, because I don't want to kill myself...) on a day where both (a) the parentals are out and are gonna stay out for atleast an hour (and b) I get up early enough to actually get out and back before they're gonna get back (which means being back by about 12 generally to be sure I'm back if father is on a short day)... which sounds simple enough, I know... but so far in the past couple of months, those particular circumstances just haven't been happening... mostly cos of the persistent raininess, with my rubbish getting-up-ness accounting for the few days that've been nice enough without being too nice..! Course, mother will break up for the summer soon, so that'll further complicate things... still, if I can get out just, say, three times in a week for a week or two, I reckon I should be over that bump in the road... and even just a week like should hopefully be enough to atleast reduce the tendency towards collapsing!