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Sarah Entry *what a shock*

I Love Jonathan. I Realize It more and more With Each Passing day.

Soon, I am to have Four Hundred And Fifty Dollars And my Heart and Soul Yearns to Buy A plane ticket, And Run Into his Arms. But Somewhere Inside of me, I know I couldnt.


- School.
- Friends.
- Father.
- Mother Would Call Cops.
- Jonathan Would most Likely Be Arrested.
- I would be Shunned by Most.
- Scared.

Reasons Why I want to:

- I Love Him.
- I Want To Hold Him.
- I Want To Kiss Him.
- I Want To Whisper I Love You In His Ear.
- I Need Him.

For All, or Any That Read This and Dont Know My Jonathan, He Is Wonderful.

Good Things About Him:

- Kind.
- Intelligent.
- Loving.
- Gorgeous.
- Mine.

He Loves Me, And I Love Him. I Know We Were Meant For Each other. We Have Been Together For About A Year. We Have Been Through Everything Together, And Everything That Happens Makes Me Love Him Even More.

He Keeps Me Alive. He Keeps Me Happy.

He Is My Life. He Is My World. He Is My Love.

I Am His Life. I Am His World. I Am His Love.