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Moby, exams, uni and dead-head

So, my little Nokia had another spell of not charging over Xmas... Not good, so I finally made a decision and got myself an HTC Sensation. Bought outright off amazon for £*shush!*. In fact, I'm using it to write this entry :)

I'm semi-confident that the Sensation will get Ice Cream sometime... but HTC seem to like to keep these things quiet, hence the semi-ness of my confidence!

Anyway, I'm rather loving this whole touchscreen/smartphone thing... I have been a tad indulgent too and gotten myself a Bluetooth keyboard to enable me to use it a bit more like a mini-tablet than just a phone... Plus it means I can play games a *lot* easier than I could using just the touchscreen! Definitely neat being able to play The SNES version of MarioKart on my moby!! ^^

I've bought outright, rather than going with a contract, cos I don't intend to change phone again for a good few years... I've had the pink Nokia since 2004 (i think... Certainly around that time) and the previous phone I had, I got in about 1999 or maybe 2000, and both of them were replaced because they were *literally* dying. Whether I'll manage 7 years with the Sensation, who knows? But my intention is to have it for a long time, and I've worked out that over the life of a contract that would've gotten me the same phone, I'd end up spending more than its cost to buy it... Plus after all the stress, frustration, etc last time I tried to get a new phone, I've pretty much given it up as a bad job!

So the phone arrived just in time for me to play with it before the exams... Which meant I didn't have to lug a laptop along with me just to keep in touch on Facebook, etc... That was *such* a nice experience... As much as I do love my laptop, she's heavy and its awkward having her in an exam hall, cos I don't dare just leave her sat at the back with everybody's bags... Far too paranoid she'll get pinched... And I've had some really nasty comments from invigilators about putting her at the front where I can see she's safe... Cos there is *no* way I would leave her in the car... I can head the insurance people laughing at *that* claim from *here*!!!

Exams went, well, they went... Not well, but not as badly as they could... I did atleast know stuff to answer the questions, although I did have a few occassions of "I know I revised that.... But I can't remember anything about it...." :( the biggest issue.... Indeed, the biggest issue I've had all term... Is with running out of time... My brain *is* working, kind of anyway... But its *very* slow, and its very bad at making jumps, analyses or conclussions... In short, it really isn't suited to academic pursuits at the moment... But if I didn't go back, I'd've fallen under new fees, and wouldn't have been able to afford to continue the course... So now I'm left hoping that the Extenuating Circumstances claim I've put in is accepted and that Good Things come of it... I *suspect* I *might* scrape passing grades for these two modules... And I'm hoping that ECs will mean I can reattempt the assessment in the summer when hopefully things will be a bit better... I *hate* the idea that my stoopid head could screw up my hopes of getting a properly decent (and I think, representative) grade... My first year of this Masters, I didn't get a module grade (or, indeed, an assessment grade) less than 70%... So far, I know that my (unmoderated) coursework grades include a 40% (thats a fail, folks) and a 50% (literally, on the pass mark line)...

So yeah, coursework has been pretty *horrific* to get through... I've not really stopped with Uni work since mid-October... The first coursework I did, I got a good (76% if memory serves) mark, but that was the only coursework where time wasn't an issue.... After that one took *way* longer than it should have, I knew I was in trouble and I started rushing to get them done and, because after that one, the time between getting the spec and the actual deadline was much tighter, I ended up running out of time and missing stuff out that I wanted/needed to cover... But even so, I thought I'd done better than those 40% and 50% grades in those two assignments...

So, having come back from exams and spent the next week-ish on the last piece of semester 1 coursework, I'm enjoying a short spell of No Uni Stuff.... Its *lovely* not having anything hanging over me... Course, semester 2 is iminent, so these peaceable little spell will soon be over, but it has been nice ^^

And its now *stupidly* late, because I've been indulging myself and reading, for nothing but the sheer *pleasure* of it... Another nice thing about the new phone.... I've installed the Kindle app on it, and have downloaded quite a stack of nice free books to read.... So far (in the past 2 weeks), I've read Jane Eyre, Little Women, Northanger Abbey and Agnes Grey... Next I'm planning to read The Lair Of The White Worm... And have a few dozen more waiting for me after that... With only a few (Pride & Prejudice, Dracula, Frankenstein and The Vampyre) that I've read before, although I do *own* a few of the others (like the Iliad and the Odyssey) in Real Book form, that I simply never got around to reading, and which now languish in cardboard boxes in storage......

Anyway, it even later now than when I said it was stupidly late, so I shall say farewell, goodnight and bid you sweet dreams.

Edit: I should point out, this is a *part* time course... And my last assignment took something in the region of 60 hours across 6 days for me to complete, and even then I resorted to bullet points for the final part to avoid running past the deadline.