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Silent PB540C

So, I've gotten my PRAM battery to fit... there's a nice little space under the touchpad that's just perfect to stick it in... and a bit of tape stops it bouncing about... no extended wiring required! :-)

I now have a silent 540C booting from a 1 GB Transcend Industrial Ultra CompactFlash, via a CF/PCMCIA adapter and the 540C's optional PCMCIA card cage.

It boots quicker than the SCSI drive did, and I definitely have more space now (1GB instead of 320MB), but there are, however, issues :-(

Most notable:
  • Lock ups: the machine is noticeably more prone to locking up than it was... I end up with a movable mouse pointer, but nothing else alive! This may actually be so bad sas to render the machine unusable... although I haven't tested "normal" working (being MS Office 4 (thats Word 6 and friends), ClarisWorks 4, webby stuff (Netscape 4/iCab) or MPW)
  • Missing Chooser items: notable absentees are "LaserWriter 8" and "PrintToPDF"
I'm not entirely convinced these issues are down to the use of the CF... I've have all sorts of "fun" while I've been copying the System from the SCSI disk to the CF, so it could be down to corruption...

I think I now have everything I need to reinstall the OS and all the Apps that are on the PB... somewhere... some of it possibly on one of my WinServer2K3 boxes... other bits may be on a currently non-functional Linux server... the rest is on this laptop... anyway, once I've found all the bits, I think I'll try a fresh install of System 7.6.1...

Now if I could only find a 32MiB PB500-Series SIMM.............