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damnit! my rebuilt PRAM battery is too big for the little comparment on my PowerBook...! I'm gonna have to relocate it into the hard disk bay... which means extending the wire quite a lot... easy enough to do, but a bit irritating! Still, its better than ripping chunks out of the casing I suppose!

I was messing about with the 540C quite a bit before I went South for a week... I have a stack of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries that I'm going to try build a new battery pack from... it should work, I just need to work out how I'm gonna fit everything in!

And I've been trying to sort out getting rid of the old spinning platter SCSI drive... for various reasons... its 320MB and simply isn't big enough... and its from 1994... so its had a fair old lifespan(!) and I don't suppose it's going to last forever!

still... I now have it booting from a 1GB industrial CompactFlash via an adapter and the PCMCIA card cage... which is cool... but when I disconnect the internal SCSI (for which I'm disconnecting the power, cos I don't wanna clobber the protruding power jack and bugger the main board), I loose the boot sequence... I think if I have a working PRAM, it'll remember the Startup Disk setting and I'll be able to disconnect the SCSI drive... at the moment though, all I get is a flashing question mark on a disk icon...

think I might throw the Startup Disk control panel on a boot floppy (if it'll fit!) and see if I can retarget it that way... might work, you never know! and I could always temporarily hook the un-extended PRAM battery up and just leave it floating in the right-hand battery bay... its not like I've got a battery that works that I need to put in there!!!!