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July 6th, 2011

Have had a lovely couple of days :)

Caught up with an old school friend yeesterday, which was really lovely *^^* ans met her kids too, who are adorable!

Did some baking today... nothing too special just this ginger cake from The Pink Whisk (aka Ruth from The Great British Bake-Off).

Had a couple of glitches...
  • the first due to a technical issue... the scales turned themselves off while I was weighing treacle (and I didn't get them turned back on until the spoonful I was trying to stop going 'glollop' had indeed glollopped! so I had to kinda guestimate the amount... not sure it was right!
  • the second is (I suspect) simply cos I don't know this cooker... indeed, I'm the only one who's ever baked anything in it, and this is only about the 3rd time at that! Anyway, I ended up with a still runny inside to my cake, even though the outside is a tad overcooked (not overdone/burnt, mind... just a bit dried out and set).

And this evening I got to catch up and just chill out with ma ikle Stephi baby *^^* which was *lurvely* *^^*