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So, been a while since I updated this... my head has been awol since oct/nov, and i've had to suspend the Masters cos i just couldn't think... really was pretty crappy... things are a bit better now... i can atleast read sentences/pararaphs and recall what i've just read aboout... to the point where i just re-read The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings... slowely, admittedly, but actually quite enjoyed it!

Anyway, I'm back down south visiting with the aim of getting another lump of waste water treatment equipment up and running with the hope of selling it... this one is called a RotoScreen... I won't go into the details of it... but its something Chris used to sell, back in the 90s, with not a lot of take-up from Water Companies over here... more interest in Europe in those days, but now there seems to be a focus on this area of the industry, so we're just hoping we haven't missed the boat!

Just thought I'd post a picture of what I'm working on today though!

Had a really crappy night last night... didn't get off to sleep easily and woke up a few times... got stuff about motors and gear boxes and positive displacement pumps and RPMs and torque and gear rations and stuff running around and messing me about! Still, one positive thing is that it looks like I managed to figure out the issue that I was having trying to work out what inverter we need for one of the pumps... even if it did ruin my sleep!!