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At *last*!

I finally got a response from a staff member! (can't remember if i mentioned that i'd emailed as well... but thats where the response eventually came)

The reply reads thusly:

Sorry, there is only 4 - XML and then a choice of 5a - Essay or 5b - Practical.

Need to fix this on blackboard -- very sorry.

so it turns out that what I started doing is allowed :-) !phew! *^^*

I'm soooooo expecting to fail this Databases module... which sux, cos I rather like playing with DB stuff :-(


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22nd Apr, 2010 19:18 (UTC)
Acadmemics are slippery beasts, trying to get in touch with them is something of a sport in my experience. If you are having issues with database stuff Michael might be able to help, databases are his thing.

23rd Apr, 2010 21:34 (UTC)
nah, "proper" (ie, relational) databases are easy... the sql practical only took me a day to do including write up... its the "advanced" stuff thats the problem... xml databases, distributed database commit protocols, deductive databases and less mainstream stuff like that... and its not so much the material as the absolute *fuckwittery* of the module presentation... I *still* don't have a clue what mark I got on the 1st assignment that was in in february... the *official* deadline for all assignments is may 5th, which is just plain *DUMB*!! The module is lots of little bits of diverse topics, and its just a pain in the ass!
23rd Apr, 2010 21:35 (UTC)
and yeah, academics are like ghosts.... which is a nightmare for a distance learning course!!!!
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