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Facebook's DNS entry MIA?

OK, so I tried to get on Facebook a couple of hours back (it may have even been down this morning; I wasn't really paying attention then though...) and I got a "Server not found" message from Firefox... "slightly odd, but probably just a glitch" I thought to myself...

So I left it alone for an hour, and tried again... same problem. So I logged into the router, disconnected the ADSL line and reconnected it... still no fix.

I didn't want to powercycle the router though, cos I had stuff I was doing... the few seconds of a dis/reconnect cycle was ok, but a powercycle would've been a pain. And to be honest, apart from Facebook, which is always sat open in a Firefox tab, nothing else seems to be broken... which is both (a) weird (and b) not a terrible inconvenience/annoyance.

What was a bit annoying though was that my hot/live/whatever-mail kept dinging the biff functionality in messenger... so I knew I had new stuff in Facebook, some of which, cos I could read the email version of the messages, I knew I actually wanted to get at!

Anyway, I poked into zdnet a little, just to check that there weren't any Facebook outages or DNS screwiness or some-such that would cause it... atleast I was reasonably confident after that that it was a local issue and not a world/uk-wide glitch.

Another hour of no-magical-remedy-occurrence has passed, and so I've now restarted the router, and lo-and-behold, Facebook is back... which does seem rather odd... a crash in such a way as to only stop DNS lookups of www.facebook.com from working, while zdnet.com and .co.uk, *.uwe.ac.uk and a few others are not affected... and its not likely that they'd be in DNS cache on the router while facebook.com isn't, as I didn't even visit zdnet until I wanted to know if Facebook had been knocked off the net! Its a couple of days since I was last on there, whereas I rebooted the machine last night, so my Facebook tab reloaded in its entirety more recently than that.

Just seems a weird little glitch...

Mind you, I did only start writing this post cos I forgot I hadn't rebooted the router... and then remembered when I wrote that I'd done it... and remembered I hadn't!