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a rare and precious thing ;-)

So, I've let my LJ slip (yet again!)...

Anyways, I'm ok, alive and functioning... and stuff is going ok.

I'm still working on the control software for the water processing Screens... its taking a long time, but then I'm working on it from over two hundred miles away, so I only get short periods of time to work on it.

And I've decided to try and get onto a distance-learning part-time Masters degree course at my old Uni (MSc Software Engineering)... its a little bit of a stretch, cos my degree grade is short of the entry requirements... but I approached the Programme Leader before I did the application, and she seems to think I stand a reasonable chance of getting in. It did take me a few days to get the application filled in though; I really don't like "Additional Information" boxes!! Apparently I should get a response to my application within 14 days... so here's hoping I'm sucessful :-)

Apart from that, well, Glasto was pretty good; I had fun (well, mostly... some stuff was rather sukky, but that wasn't down to the festi, its just not easy to try and balance time between a festi-newbie-friend and my girlfriend... which led to some, um, friction and me feeling rather crappy about the whole thing).

I've currently got three stitches in my back, where I had a mole removed on Thursday... originally the doctor said it wasn't a mole (she said it was a "something wart" (crappy memory; can't remember the "something") that isn't really a wart) and that it would just need to be scraped off the surface of my skin with a razorblade... the doctor who did the mini-op though wasn't so sure though, so he removed it as if it were a mole; which is a more intrusive process, hence the stitches.

Of course, stitches mean no stretching... which I keep forgetting, and keep getting sharp pains to remind me!

Still, they're coming out fairly soon (wednesday morning), after which I'm going to help my cousin with some decorating, then I'm off to London for a weekend with my sexy girly *^^* and then its back to Somerset to try and get the testing finished and the nice shiny new version will be done and dusted :-)


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12th Jul, 2009 15:44 (UTC)
Fingers crossed for the application, hope you get in :-)
12th Jul, 2009 15:51 (UTC)
Ta babe, so do I..!

Likewise, hope the PHD writeup goes well :-)
( 2 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )