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Well, its a week and 3 days since me job died...

i should probably have posted about that earlier i guess, but -shrug- the past month or so has been fairly dire, and i just couldn't be bothered... its about par for the course really...

there are plans afoot to try and make money, and i'm doing some freelance hacking (thats programming to all you people who don't know the difference between a hacker and a cracker...) for a friend, or rather for the company he works for... or something like that... with a little luck this is freelance in the sense of writing stuff for people who'll pay me for the time and effort, rather than freelance in the sense of i end up spending days writing something thinking i'll get paid, then get ripped off...

still, today i basically learnt visual basic, and i'm kinda pleased with what this little thing looks like so far... so -shrug-



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25th Jan, 2007 09:56 (UTC)
25th Jan, 2007 14:35 (UTC)
-hugs back-

aw, thanks hun *^^*
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