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Fraggle, Fraggle, Fraggle..!

Kinda crappy week. Feels like I'm wading through treacle...

Mindyou, at least I'm getting somewhere with things.

There's all sort of balls in the air at the mo...

  • A website for Anne's Amazing Coral Reef, currently a work-in-progress, but up and viewable here.

  • Finally getting things sorted as to what the smeg Air Creations if going to be and do... so that means I have the website for that to sort out. The mess that's currently up is here.

  • Chris is waiting to hear about an order for some seriously major kit... a sludge thickener for making effluent sludge thicker so that its more economical to transport. If he gets the order (and it should just be internal red-tape at Wessex Water slowing things down... he's the cheapest quote by far and has been told he's got it... he just needs the formal notification now...) then I have another site build... it seems likely that so-long as the equipment he supplies does its job as it should, he'll be getting further orders from Wessex, and it's the obvious step to build on those sales to try and sell the same kind of system to other water companies.

  • The Children's Fund is putting on a 'do' on December 10th for which I'm having to make posters, flyers, etc and help sort out the organisational side of things... it's not really a big event, but there's so much to do, it's really quite daunting... it's a long time since I've been involved in putting on any kind of event and I'm really out of practice!

  • I'm in the process of developing the inflatable Coral Reef as an educational tool... the idea being to be able to go into schools, nurseries, etc and have effectively a half-day (initially at least) of curriculum-centric activites all ready for the staff to use that cover aspects such as creatures around the reef, the importance of reef environments, environmental impact of man on those environments, etc. The current target age-group is Foundation Stage (3-4 year old, pre-school kiddies... or 'the tinies' as I think of them ;-) ), which is in some ways the easiest to aim things for, and in others its the hardest... Then I'm gonna try cover Key Stage 1 (5-7 years, infant (year 1&2) classes), which I hope I can tackle by raising the level of the information and language used for the informative parts of the material and then thinking up new and/or revised activities to match the revised information.

  • I'm also in the process of thinking up designs for some online games to go on the Reef website... I need to play around with my Java, um, -cough- skills -cough-cough- so I can get my Java knowledge up to the standard and complexity I'm going to need to build games software.... I suspect there are going to be books involved in this... and they're always expensive :-(

  • I'm also trying to get to visit friends and catch-up as best I can... I've been a bit lax even by my own standards this past 9 months or so... partly cos I've been flat broke and unable to travel, partly cos I've been busy and partly cos I've had periods where I just haven't been able to face anything.