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Don't you *hate* it when you press 'Update Journal' and the damn computer can't find the server... and when you go back, your update journal form has been reset? AAAaaarrg!!!

So, my head isn't working properly... I seem to have totally lost my focus... in a week, all I've managed to do is create the layout for the item description part of an eBay page and set up some slightly convoluted mail forwarding so that the new eBay account has a nice new email address to use. Many thanks to Ian Jackson for the patience with respect to the volume of email in support of getting this sorted :-)

The rest of the week has been pretty much a total loss... I've spent my time watching TV, playing CDs (just listening and my head drifting) and reading.

So yeah, most of the week has been spent in Fantasyland... I've mostly been re-reading erotica novels... I should have a few more arrive in the post sometime this week, so I'll have something new to read soon :-)

My head has always done wierd stuff like this... I loose my focus, can't concentrate on anything that really *achieves* anything, like hacking code about or some-such, and yet I can sit and loose myself in Jane Austen's England, Asimov's future, Eddings' fantasy worlds or Penny and Amber's ponycarts and playtime fun... anything that isn't my world and my issues and I can cope with it... I just, kinda, immerse myself in the imagery my imagination constructs... or with the erotice, the whole *reaction*... it's kind of hard to explain... I loose myself far more deeply in an erotica novel than in anything... maybe it's because alot of the books I've got in that genre are written first person, maybe it's just that I find it alot easier to place myself into the mind if the characters, I don't really know...

One day I'm gonna write an entry in here that doesn't sound like me bemoaning how crappy i feel and how low i am... a cheerful entry.... course, when(/if?) I do, LJ's systems will probably have system wide catastrophic failures... ;-)