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Well, I ate... I didn't want to, but I made myself.. I've been here before... hunger I can ignore.. it goes away after an hour or so... and yeah, to start with, the hunger pangs start to last longer and longer... leave it a few days, three, maybe four, and your stop having them. your body figures it's not gonna get fed, so it stops asking... as i said, i've *been* here... i know that i'm perfectly capable of ignoring those pangs. so i make myself eat. i force myself to make food and consume it.

i hadn't eaten for 36 hours.

i couldn't even *taste* it.

i did spaghetti with mince... fry the mince for a few mins, add the mushrooms, fry until the meats browned. add cornflour and stir in, then cook for a few more minutes. then add stock (a couple of oxos in boiling water) and stir it in. add frozen carrots and simmer for 10 minutes while the pasta cooks....

I could smell it, the meat cooking... i like that smell. and the mushrooms.. yummy too.. and the gravy had thyme in it... that smelt gorgeous too....

and every mouth full was like i was eating nothing... just chewing this lump of tasteless stuff... texture but no flavour.

i don't like being like this. i wanna get over this one quickly.