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I nearly forgot...

I got post this morning.... *good* post... a letter from someone i used to write to a lot... my penfriend, Florence, who I haven't heard from for probably two years, maybe even three.... i've been thinking about her a lot as of late... i miss getting letters from her, and now this turns up... i *kinda* knw it was coming cos it went to my parents first, so my mum told me she'd forwarded it on, and that she thought it was Flo's writing.... but it was still *nice*! :-)

i *have* to write back. i liked having a penfriend.

i'm talking to Sarah.


today is a good day.

the next month may not be so good.

<pushes bad thoughts aside> happy place.... happy place...

sarah thinks my sister was beautiful <squashes impulse to cry>

i g2g



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11th Sep, 2002 11:44 (UTC)
let me supress the urge to scream.

you still exist.

and you have a livejournal.

this is blowing my fcuking mind.

i want to get drunk right now.
11th Sep, 2002 16:08 (UTC)
I have that feeling everytime I notice I still exist too.... the urge to scream... or vomit with disgust..... and i have to fight the urge to get drunk and hide the fact that i noticed i exist from myself for another day...

Still, I'm not in a happy place ATM, so I guess I should make an effort to play nice with the other kids...


Yes I still exist, and I have a livejournal... I don't update too often atm though... i have other stuff that's far more urgent to deal with, to sort out....

You found me out... I'm still out here... the waste-of-space-weirdo from the back-roads of the darkside of the mind....
( 2 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )